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We are living the dream on Random Ranch on the magnificent Bruce Peninsula, enjoying semi retired life with our horses, ponies and Alpacas.

The Ranch came into our hands in 2013 following a chance encounter, thus dubbed Random Ranch.  Alpacas were added to the ranch in 2017. We felt they would be a nice fit as they are low maintenance, easy to work with, interesting and fun to be around. We started with 5 Alpacas in 2017, 2 females and 3 gelded males.  Two crias were born in May 2018, one in June 2019 plus 4 more gals added.   We usually have a couple of crias per year.  The alpacas all have names and unique personalities. 


We shear the animals once per year in the spring.  After the fleece is sorted, graded and cleaned, most of it is sent out for further processing into yarn, felt, socks, etc.  Fleece from the legs and neck becomes seconds, and mostly stays here to make dryer balls, bird nesting balls and more.

We look forward to meeting you at Random Ranch.

Val and Glenn

Random Ranch is proud to serve our local community and host visitors year round. We have lots of regular customers who purchase our alpaca products from us, as well as one-time visitors with family and friends to meet the alpacas. Check out what our past customers have had to say about our Ranch and contact us to plan your visit!

We absolutely loved our time at Random Ranch!   Val introduced us to the alpacas, told us a wealth of information and answered all of our keen questions.  It was truly a great experience!  We purchased some dryer balls and have been using them for months now.  I highly recommend going to Random Ranch.  What a great experience!

C. Jordan

I highly recommend a personalized visit to Random Ranch.  Val and Glenn are so welcoming and their animals are wonderful.  I love to purchase their products, especially the yarn.

P. Thompson

The alpaca socks are amazing!!  I cannot live without them.  They are warm, comfortable, long wearing, etc., etc.  I am so lucky to have found Val at Random Ranch who keeps me in constant supply.  Simply the best!

Sandra P.

Val and Glenn were very knowledgeable about the alpacas, I learned a lot of things I didn't know. We even saw them being sheared once! They take very good care of their animals and a visit to Random Ranch is a great time!

Teresa P.

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