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Alpaca fibre is as warm as sheeps wool, yet only 1/3 the weight while having 3 times the insulating capacity.  It is hypoallergenic, has no lanolin and a very low "prickle factor".  It is as soft and fine as cashmere and comes in 23 natural colours which also accept dyes.   Alpaca fibre is breathable, water resistant, wicks away body moisture and remains warm even when wet.   It is naturally windproof, is biodegradable and has a natural sheen while having low static electricity.  It is flame, stain and odour resistant.  Alpaca fibre is environmentally sound a naturally renewable resource.  

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Our durable socks come in Small, Medium and Large sizes.  They are easy to care for....simply hand wash and lay flat to dry! The natural fibre wicks the moisture away and leaves your feet dry, warm and odour free.   Keep your feet warm and cozy during the cooler temperatures.  You'll love their softness too!


Thermal Alpaca Socks

$40 per pair including  HST


Why Choose Alpaca Fibre?

Cozy Thermal Ankle Alpaca Socks

$35 per pair including HST


Work and Play Alpaca Socks

 $40 per pair including HST


Kids Thermal Alpaca Socks

$20 per pair including HST

Cozy Warm Mittens

One Size fits All  $ 55 per pair including HST

Alpaca Fibre Dryer Balls

Our all-natural reusable alpaca dryer balls are an excellent environmentally friendly alternative to fabric softeners and dryer sheets.   Not only do they help soften clothes,  they also reduce static and wrinkles and shorten your drying time.  Place the 3 balls into your dryer and to assist in absorbing moisture, evenly distribute heat and maintaining your dryer's humidity.  No dyes or chemicals!  Add some essential oils to your dryer balls for a lovely scent!

$22 including HST, package of three

100% Natural Insoles

Made from 50% Alpaca fibre and 50% sheep wool, these  durable insoles provide a warm and soft barrier for your feet.  They are excellent in rubber boots, work boots and hiking shoes!  Easily trimmed to fit.

Small:  Youth to size 3, Ladies to size 6

Medium:  Ladies 7 - 9, Mens 6 - 8

Large:  Ladies 10 - 12, Mens 9 - 13

X Large:  Mens 14 - 16

$20 including HST

Felt Slippers

Our cozy and comfy felt slippers are made from 50% alpaca fibre and 50% sheep wool.  They have a rubber non- slip sole and are available in sizes Small to X Large.  Keep your feet toasty warm with these 100% natural fibre slippers!

$60 including HST

Bird Nesting Ball

The hanging grapevine ball is packed full of luxurious soft alpaca fibre. Comes with a refill bag of fibre too!  These make a great stocking stuffer gift!

$20 including HST


Due to the varying characteristics of the yarn, please contact us directly to discuss your order.

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